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You've Never Been On A Missions Trip Like This

Our mission trips are not the typical mission trip.

God has wired us to delight in places where hell has been free to steal, kill, and destroy. We love places where heaven has not yet invaded because all we see is opportunity. Thus, we intentionally go to areas that are unreached, poor, and sometimes dangerous. If you want to go with Jesus to find the one, you have to leave the 99. We believe God is big enough to move in the worst of places. That is what we do. We do not do building projects or spend every moment in church meetings. We do the Kingdom where it is most needed.


We show up and God shows off, not because we are special but because He is. We rest in Him, we play, and He does it all. People are touched by God through spiritual gifts, medical training, washing feet, prayer, and straight-up joy. Before we know it, the Kingdom of God is revealed; healings take place, salvations run rampant, the demonized have darkness cast out, and the unloved encounter the delight of their heavenly Father for the first time in their life.

If you want to encounter God while being on the adventure of a lifetime, join us.

Wild Path
You Want More

There is more. You were created with a purpose of immense value. There is more to experience of God and your calling.

Man Hiking in Nature

The first two letters of gospel are "GO". Going to  the nations is apart of your destiny. You will find purpose and satisfaction as you go.

Woman Dragging Suitcase

Experiencing new cultures while loving those in it. When you go with us, adventure is around every corner. We don't do boring. Our trips do not focus on meetings or building projects, but active worship and outreach. 

Why Go?
Why Go?

Eat well. Sleep comfortably. We will assist you in the process of getting overseas so you don't have to worry. We will organize the logistics, ministry opportunities, and hotels for you!

Bridge over Waterfall

You will be filled up, encouraged, and strengthened. Your heart will come alive. Overall, you will be loved on by your leaders and team. 

Life Changing

^Says it all. You won't be able to walk away from this trip and not be changed for the better. Become more of who you supposed to be.


Our teams focus on unity. We serve together. We worship. We see the best in one another. You will discover a depth in unity most people haven't experienced.


Before the trip, you will meet your team and begin to pray for your trip. Don't sweat the details, Overseas Missions online tools and training materials will prepare you for your adventure.

Mountain Fog
Next Level

Hungry for more? Want to go to the next level with God and ministry? Overseas Missions is a great way to get an upgrade and make a memory with God that will literally last forever.

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