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Tyler and Christine Johnson


Our founders have been excited about seeing Jesus exalted in the nations since they were children. They are most alive when in areas and around people that are poor and in desperate need of Jesus. The nations were even apart of their marriage vows in 2008, promising each other to not get distracted by life and forget the "GO" of the gospel. 

Tyler is an apostolic teacher who loves adventure and the beauty of culture. He believes that every culture reveals another facet of God's character, causing travel to be a daily encounter with God Himself. He is a best selling author and a international conference speaker, with a bachelors degree from Biola University in Intercultural Studies, and has been traveling overseas extensively since 1999 for humanitarian work, leadership training, evangelism, church planting, and reaching the unreached.


Christine started dreaming about doing medical missions when she was just 12 years old. She has a bachelors in molecular biology and is a registered nurse. Christine loves to stop for the one and is most comfortable where most people are most uncomfortable; with the poorest of the poor. Her heart comes alive when she is with the poor, especially those that are in need of medical help. 


The founders of Overseas Missions have missional experience leading teams in the following nations since 1999:

'99 Honduras

'99 Guatemala

'02 Dominican Republic

'03 Mongolia

'03 China

'04 Mongolia

'04 China

'04 Tibet

'05 Guatemala

'05 Dominican Republic

'06 Lebanon

'06 Syria

'07 Mexico

'10 Haiti

'14 Guatemala

'15 India

'18 India

'19 India

'19 Peru

'21 Guatemala

22' Maldives

22' India

23' Thailand

23' India

23' Peru

23' Colombia

23' Peru

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