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Let Us Show You How You Can Travel Overseas & Experience God's Unique Expression In Cultures Around The World

While spreading the gospel, manifesting the kingdom, and making memories with God that last forever.

Transform Your Mission Trip Experience

with Overseas Missions

Are you tired of going on boring mission trips where you're stuck doing meaningless work that leaves no impact for the Kingdom and you miss out on the uniqueness of where you are and what God has deposited there?

It's frustrating to return home feeling like you didn't make a difference or grow in your faith.

And it can be disheartening to invest your time, energy, and money into a trip that doesn't align with your spiritual journey.

But don't worry...


Overseas Missions has you covered.

A trip with Overseas Missions is designed to take light into the darkness.

We believe God is big enough to move in the worst of places.

 WARNING: This is not your high school youth group style missions trip. 

We intentionally go to areas that are unreached, poor, and sometimes even dangerous.

Our trips with Overseas Missions will help you:

  • Step into the lifestyle of a spiritual giant

  • Experience real revival & miracles among the widows, orphans, and the poor

  • Experience authentic, life-changing community with like-minded believers

  • Encounter God in a personal and powerful way


Listen to what one of our past attendees ("Sent Ones") had to say about their life-changing experience with Overseas Missions:


"[Your Best Testimonial]"

Imagine returning home from a mission trip with a deeper connection to God and unforgettable memories with Him that last for eternity.

Our trips are specifically designed to immerse you in a new culture and allow you to experience a part of God that can only be found among the people there.

Now is the perfect time to take action!

Join Us On Our Next Trip

Apply for our next trip today and join us for an unforgettable journey.

The trip is only $2,500 + airfare.

You'll make a $1,000 deposit with your application and then pay the remaining $1,500 once you're approved.

Don't worry - if it's not the right fit for you, we'll fully refund your deposit.

Apply now and discover a piece of God that can only be found in a specific culture, making a memory with Him that lasts for eternity.

Personal Note From Tyler Johnson
Founder of Overseas Missions

God has wired us to delight in places where hell has been free to steal, kill, and destroy. We love places where heaven has not yet invaded because all we see is opportunity.


Thus, we intentionally go to areas that are unreached, poor, and sometimes dangerous. If you want to go with Jesus to find the one, you have to leave the 99.


We believe God is big enough to move in the worst of places. That's what we do. We don't do building projects or spend every moment in church meetings. We bring the Kingdom where it's most needed.


We show up, and God shows off – not because we are special, but because He is.


We rest in Him, we play, and He does it all.


People are touched by God through spiritual gifts, medical training, washing feet, prayer, and straight-up joy.


Before we know it, the Kingdom of God is revealed: healings take place, salvations run rampant, the demonized have darkness cast out, and the unloved encounter the delight of their Heavenly Father for the first time in their lives.


If you want to encounter God while being on the adventure of a lifetime, join us.


Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.


Together, we'll witness the transformative power of God's love and experience a mission trip unlike any other.

With Love,

Tyler G. Johnson

Founder, Overseas Missions

PO Box 1392

Shelton, WA 98584

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